Glasgow City Council Welcome to John Paul II Primary School

Welcome to our school


We would anticipate that while spending their formative years in the happy atmosphere of this school, the children will come to realise the benefits to be gained by having a correct attitude to individual, as well as, group work. We aim to encourage the children to become confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens.
Through the syllabus of our school, the children will be actively involved in their own learning allowing them to realise their full potential and develop spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically.
All aspects of life depend on fluency in the written and spoken word, competence in Mathematics Skills and a healthy attitude to leisure activities. The former is all the more important now in this technological age, when a far greater understanding of the written word is so essential and children must learn how to apply the knowledge they have gained, so that they can face their future with confidence.
By the time our Primary 7 pupils leave to begin their Secondary Education, we would envisage that they would have the confidence to build on the skills learned in this school and through the example of their teachers, to be ever caring and conscientious in their attitude to their peers and to those less fortunate than themselves.
In partnership with the local community groups, we always encourage our children to participate in extra-curricular activities, eg Arts and Crafts, Computing, Cycling, Football, Gaelic Football, Netball and Running. The school actively promotes a healthy attitude to life, widening childrens` horizons and equipping them to enjoy leisure activities in their later years.
Mr James McShane
Headteacher John Paul II Primary