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The teaching of Mathematics in John Paul II Primary School will aim to develop the children’s understanding of Mathematics, relate it as much as possible to the real world and prepare the pupils for its applied use in their future role as citizens.
It will aim to give the pupils a coherent, progressive and challenging experience within the relevant contexts, which will be suitable for their ages, aptitudes and abilities.
The pupils will be given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of Mathematics through a variety of approaches/contexts, facts and techniques to give them an attitude and awareness of the relevance and purpose of Mathematics in their lives.
Pupils will be actively involved in practical and experimental terms and across other curricular areas to ensure as clear an understanding of Mathematics as possible. The use of associated materials and resources such as calculators, microcomputers and Mathematical games will also make a contribution to the learning of the pupils.
1. To ensure that the Mathematics curriculum is relevant to the children’s needs and environment in the modern technological society in which they are participants.
2. To ensure that the children acquire a structured, progressive understanding of the concepts and skills in the Mathematics, which they are being taught.
3. To develop positive attitudes in Mathematics and an awareness in the pupils of its relevance to their own lives.
4. To give the children practical experience and balance in the different aspects of Mathematics.
5. To identify children who are experiencing difficulty or who have a particular aptitude in Mathematics and ensure that they have the necessary support to assist or extend whenever possible.